Namo Amituofo









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We are what we think.

All that we are

arises with our thoughts.

With our thoughts

we make the world.

~ The Buddha ~


feel peace

let go of sadness

forget thoughts of anger

release all regret

remember joy


~ path to peace ~

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<< Gallery\\ The Events in the life of Buddha Sakyamuni

1. Teaching in the Tusita Heaven, anticipating the descent to Earth.

2. The White Elephant Dream, Maya Felt the Conception of the Buddha.

3. Lumbini Park, the Birth of the Buddha.

4. Astrology Reading, Prophecy of Buddhahood.

There are numerous paintings and sculptures that depict the life of Buddha Sakyamuni. All the photographs shown below were shot in Yuanheng Temple, Kaoshiong. Yuanheng Temple was built in the reign of Emperor Qianglong of the Qing dynasty. It is one of the few remaining historical temples in Taiwan. Its original name Yuanxing Temple has since been changed to Yuanheng Temple. The style of the architectural design was delicately simple and subtly elegant. In 1973, Venerable Pumiao led followers to finish the building of the main cultivation hall where the main statue of Buddha Shakyamuni is respectfully placed. On the inside and outside of the main hall, there are sculptures of the life of the Buddha. There are thirty-two sculptures in total. All the sculptures were created in style that portray solemn magnificance.

Of the thirty-two sculptures, the 24th and 27th are partly hidden from the camera due to their location. Hence the sculptures were created in styles that portray solemn magnificence.

The Editors ~ The Events of the Life of Buddha Shakyamuni.

5. Naming Ceremony, the First Offering to the Field of Blessings.

6. Master of Civil and Military Affairs, Champion of All India.

7. Wedding of the Prince; Princess Yasodhara with the Prince.

8. At the Four Gates, the Prince Witnessed the Four Miseries.

9. Biding Farewell to his son and wife Prince Siddhartha leaving

the Palace.

10. Riding on a Starry Night in Search of the Truth.

11. Cutting Off His Hair, Prince Siddhartha Renounced the Secular

World and put on the Robe of a Mendicant.

12. With Determination, the Prince Lived Six Years in Austerity.

13. The Prince wiping off the dust and washing away the dirt,

the Shepherdess offering rice milk.

14. Misunderstanding the Prince, the five attendants left him.

15. Vowing to attain Buddhahood,  the Prince conquered the

army of Demons.

16. Looking up at the Bright Stars, he became the Fully

Enlightened One.

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